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Private Medical Insurance Claims Helpline

0345 241 9876  (9am to 5pm weekdays)


Dealing with medical insurers doesn’t always go according to plan and with complex claims procedures and reduced access to hospital treatment, it is the patient who suffers when things go wrong.


With such an emotive issue as Private Medical Insurance, this tends to be when individuals are most vulnerable and need the greatest support.

With a wealth of industry experience, MEC has developed a specialist in-house claims team dedicated to assisting our clients in all aspects of the claims procedure, from initial authorisation, right the way through to prompt settlement of the resulting invoices.

MEC will be the principal point of contact throughout the entire claims process and our dedicated team will work closely with each claimant to ensure that the member's experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Each company will receive a dedicated Helpline number with named contacts and claimants will receive assistance in areas including;

  • sourcing specialists where appropriate

  • challenging insurers decisions

  • chasing medical reports

  • and liaising with hospitals, medical secretaries and the insurer

MEC will also manage the membership data on our bespoke claims system, ensuring that the insurer has accurate membership details at all times.

Start Your Claim


We work closely with your Employer to deliver a unique, high quality; tailored experience aimed at all your health related needs. As a member of you Employers Private Medical Insurance (PMI) scheme, should you need to make a claim, you can start the authorisation of your claim here and we will contact you within 90 minutes.

It’s really important that you get in touch with us before attending any appointments so we can make sure that your claim is covered under the terms and conditions of the policy before you incur any costs.

Personal Details

Group Life Insurance Claims Support Service

0345 872 7413  (9am to 5pm weekdays)


MEC appreciates that the death of an employee is an extremely difficult time for both the family of the deceased and the employer. Our sympathetic claims team will guide the employer through the claims process and the complex documentation required to process a claim.

We can also provide assistance to ensure that the benefit is paid to the appropriate beneficiary without delay, as well as recommending bereavement and probate helplines and Trustee services. Group Life Insurance claims will be paid under Trust and outside of the deceased estate, therefore allowing a lump sum to be paid tax free.

At the Beach

Income Protection Claims Support Service

0345 872 7413   (9am-5pm weekdays)

Happy Family

Prevention, intervention and open dialogue between all parties are key to the process and very often visits are made to both the employee and employer.

MEC can also provide advice on return to work strategies, reduced hours / roles, lump sum settlements and arrange for claims to be paid directly by the Insurer.

Every income protection claim is different and we can make the difference.

MEC has been at the forefront of group income protection claims management for many years, recognized with Industry Awards.

Our group income protection service is not just about processing the claim – we offer a very proactive, early intervention and rehabilitation advice and assist employers in reducing absence in their business with the ultimate aim of getting the employee back to work prior the end of the deferred period.