Why Use the Services of an Employee Benefits Specialist?

At this time of year, many HR professionals and company owners review their Employee Benefits Programmes, to ensure they are still fit for purpose. The pandemic and consequential lockdowns have focused attention on employees’ health and wellbeing and gaps in cover may have been identified since the last review.

There are numerous products that can be included in an Employee Benefits Programme, so who should you contact for advice?

Top of your list is likely to be an Employee Benefits Specialist, who can help save you time and effort in your search for the most appropriate benefits for your programme. Some of the advantages of using an employee benefits specialist are as follows:

Quality Market Research

Using its expertise and experience, the specialist will research the market on your behalf and make independent product recommendations, based on your unique requirements.

Ongoing Support

In addition to helping the seamless implementation of your chosen products, the specialist’s account managers and claims team will be on hand to assist with your queries and those of your staff, throughout the year.

Annual Premium Negotiation

Prior to the annual renewal of your cover, the specialist will review the market and, where necessary, negotiate the renewal premium with your insurer, to make sure you continue to enjoy best value for money.

Most Services are Free

A good employee benefits specialist will provide most services free of charge, as they will receive a commission from insurers and providers with whom they place business.

Competitive Premiums

The premiums you pay will be the same, or often lower than going direct, due to the negotiating power of the specialist and the robust specialist-insurer business relationship.

If you’re planning to review your employee benefits programme this year, using the services of an employee benefits specialist should save you time and money and help you build a programme that meets your company’s goals, whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees.

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