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Online Expression of Wish Service

Our online service allows employees to nominate their Beneficiaries in case of a death in service benefit being payable. The service is quick and easy to use for both Employers and Employees.

The service removes the administration burden from Employers, ensures that Employees can be reminded to keep their nominations up to date and assists Trustees in determining who benefit should be payable to.

Organisational Stress Risk Assessment

Monitoring Workplace Stress Audits are the first stage in a legal requirement in conducting an organisational risk assessment, as required under Health & Safety law. MEC has developed its own unique Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Compliant online audit which simplifies audit set up and data collection.

TThe audit reduces the costs of identifying and managing work related stress and combats the effects of stress. 

Absence Management

The Absence Management system is a 24/7 absence tracker which ensures that no employee absence call is missed and keeps managers and HR constantly up to date via instant text and email alerts.

With secure access to your own real time data, HR can see the overall absence picture at any time. On the basis of agreed absence ‘triggers’, contact is made with your employees and the team then liaises with HR and with any existing in-house programmes so that employees benefit from maximum support as early as possible. MEC can also dovetail the use of your employee benefits such as PMI.

A proactive approach keeps employers constantly up to date, and helps them make timely decisions. We can also assist Employers to calculate the cost of absence.

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