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Occupational Health

Effective Risk Management

Every employer has a duty of care to its employees who are essential to the organisation’s operational effectiveness. In order to ensure that any workplace risks are effectively managed, a company may employ an Occupational Health provider to assess potential risks and provide a tailored solution, either on a pay-as-you go, or contracted basis.

You may be experiencing a problem with short or long-term absenteeism, or believe that prevention is better than cure in terms of work-related illness and injury.

Once an Occupational Health provider understands your challenges, they will recommend a package of measures to effectively manage risk and help prevent work-related illness and injury.

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An estimated 38.8 million working days were lost in the UK in 2019/20 due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries
ONS - Labour Force Survey

Services Available

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Some of the services offered by Occupational Health providers include: -

  • Health Surveillance

  • Health Screening – e.g. drug and alcohol

  • Safety Critical Medicals

  • Fit for Task Assessments

  • Pre-placement Testing

  • Health Promotion

  • Ergonomic Solutions

Occupational Health providers can also help employers assess the needs of employees who are on long-term sick, making recommendations that will enable them (where possible) to return to work.

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