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Health Cash Plans

Everyday Healthcare Costs

The introduction of a Health Cash Plan will be welcomed by your employees as it will allow them to claim money back for their everyday healthcare costs including: -

  • Eye tests, prescibed glasses & contact lenses

  • Dental check-ups and Hygienist fees

  • Physiotherapy

  • Complementary and Alternative therapies

  • Specialist consultations & Diagnostic tests

  • Childbirth

Over the last few years, health cash plans have evolved to include valuable additional health and wellbeing benefits including: -

  • Employee Assistance Programmes

  • 24-Hour GP Services

  • Second Opinion Services

  • Gym Discounts

  • Retail Discounts

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A cost-effective benefit that will support your employees' physical and mental health

Reduce Staff Absenteeism

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Claiming cash back is very easy. Scheme members can submit their healthcare receipts via the provider's website, app or by post and they are usually reimbursed within days.

A Health Cash Plan is a relatively low-cost employee benefit and tends to be particularly popular with younger members of staff.

Your company will also benefit from the introduction of a cash plan, as it will encourage employees to visit health professionals more frequently, helping reduce staff absenteeism and improving productivity.

Let us help you find the right Health Cash Plan for your business