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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many HR Professionals have been reassessing their Health and Wellbeing strategies. Most company owners agree that a workforce which is both physically and mentally fit will be more productive. So how can this improvement in productivity be achieved?

One employee benefit that can help is the Health Assessment. When offered to the workforce, employees will understand their current level of health and will be encouraged to make positive changes to their lifestyles, helping improve their fitness levels and increasing the company’s productivity as a result. A win-win situation.

Bupa claims that 80% of its health assessment customers have changed their habits as a result of having one of their Health Assessments

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Now Available Online

Health assessments, also referred to as health checks can be provided face-to-face at many centres around the UK, but for those not wishing to travel, online health assessments are now available, which be carried out from the comfort of your own home, using online GP consultations and key pathology tests sent by post.

There are many levels of health assessment to choose from with different price points. Our experienced staff will be pleased to help you choose the type of assessment which meets your requirements and budget.

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Which Health Assessment is best for your employees?