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Although very few companies pro-actively monitor the cost to their businesses, an increasing number are enhancing their health and wellbeing strategies, to help reduce absenteeism and increase levels of productivity.


It's impossible to eradicate staff absence completely, but we can help you identify issue trends and offer a wide range of solutions to help you manage it effectively.

*CIPD Health and Well-Being at Work Survey Report March 2020

The Absence Management system is a 24/7 absence tracker which ensures that no employee's absence call is missed and keeps managers and HR constantly up-to-date via instant text and email alerts.

With secure access to your own real time data, HR can see the overall absence picture at any time. On the basis of agreed absence ‘triggers’,

  • contact is made with your employees

  • the team then liaises with HR and with any existing in-house programmes

  • allowing employees to benefit from maximum support as early as possible


MEC can also dovetail the use of your employee benefits such as PMI.

A proactive approach keeps employers constantly up-to-date, helping them make timely decisions.


We can also assist Employers to calculate the cost of absence.

Let us help you find solutions to your Employee Absence challenges

The rise in employee absence is having a huge impact on the bottom line of UK businesses.


Despite 70% of businesses admitting that absence has a direct effect on profitability, more than a third of these have no idea how much absentees have cost them.

According to recent research from the CIPD*, the UK companies surveyed reported an average absence rate of 5.8 days per employee per year.​

The Absence Management System